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We are the Shakti girls,
welcome to our world.


The Sanskrit word Shakti means energy, or feminine power. When the divine inspiration to make a school for girls came to me in September, 2020, I immediately knew that Shakti would be the name I’d use. Knowing the difficulties that girls often face in India, it was clear to me that the most powerful tool I could offer for their upliftment is an art-inspired education, where they are shown by example how to discover their hidden talents and develop their creativity as a path to inner healing, using art, dance, music and yoga.

It’s also essential that they learn English, so that’s our strongest academic focus. Fluency in English will open doors of opportunity into higher education and well-paid jobs, and help these girls to escape from the cycle of poverty.

I want to help the Shakti girls find their own inner strength, by affirming their worth as individuals and inspiring them to courageously speak up for themselves. It is my dream to support the girls all the way to higher education, so they can make their own living and be a support to themselves and their families.

Tara Ma, founder of Shakti school

Woman in India

The tragic situation of underprivileged women in India.

Child marriage

According to the UN, an estimated 1.5 million underage girls marry each year in India. One of the women we are helping in Rishikesh was married at age 12, had her first baby the next year, and by age 14 had two children! Her husband was abusive, and she was finally able to divorce him (a rare feat in India), and is now trying to raise her children on her own without any substantial source of income. How different her life could have been if she’d been able to complete high school and college and find a career, and then make her own decision to marry!


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