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Shakti School of Arts for Girls is a charitable project that comes under the umbrella of a global organization we founded known as Saving Lives with Love, Inc., a US government-approved tax-exempt charity. Also included is Feeding Rishikesh, (www.feedingrishikesh.org) that is registered in India as a charitable organization known as: “Maa Anapurna Sewa Project” which runs a project providing free dinners to 250 people each night and large bags of basic foods to many poor families. During the Covid lockdown, Feeding Rishikesh gave over 35,000 large bags of groceries to those in need.

We are also running a large charitable project in Venezuela called Saving Lives in Venezuela (www.savinglivesinvenezuela.org), where volunteers in three cities distribute food, medicine, baby formula, and childcare supplies to those in need.

To date we have shipped more than 20 tons of supplies into Venezuela, and are serving hundreds of people each week, including dozens of malnourished children and impoverished elderly people. Our latest project in Venezuela is a new school in the town of Mérida, which currently has 36 children enrolled. They are now receiving a full array of classes and a great breakfast each day.

Covid and Education

The Covid crisis that has roiled the world during the last two years has created huge obstacles for the education of young people everywhere. In wealthier countries, where most people have access to computers and cellphones, children were able to attend online classes, but in poorer countries like India that strategy has been impossible to implement, especially in the poorest communities. The public schools in Rishikesh were completely closed due to Covid, and most of the girls who attend our school had no access at all to computers or cellphones and were therefore unable to receive any education at all for the two years prior to the creation of Shakti School of Arts. You can imagine what a loss it is for a growing young mind to be deprived of education for two full years! More concerning is that with nothing constructive to do, young girls in the slums could easily fall into bad company and get into trouble. Shakti School of Arts has played a vital role in providing essential education and support for these girls, and given a special boost to help them recover for lost time. Now that their regular school as resumed, Shakti School continues as a high quality ‘after school program’, giving the girls a much richer educational experience than they would ordinarily receive through their public school. Our strong focus on mastering English, and self-expression through dance, art and music, will help them find new power in themselves, and bring out the greatness they all have within.


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