Our Origins

Meet the team,
behind the Shakti School

Our origins

Tarini Dagnino, a Venezuelan living in India, is the founder of The Shakti School of Arts for Girls, and co-founder of The Feeding Rishikesh project, an NGO located in Rishikesh, northern India, that came into existence in March, 2020. She is also co-founder of Saving Lives with Love, Inc., a US government-recognized non-profit charity, running programs to support the poor in both Venezuela and India.

As Tarini started to spend more time with the children of the slums where she worked for many months feeding people during the Covid lockdowns in Rishikesh, she learned that the kids’ school had been closed for a long time due to Covid, and that they had nothing constructive to do, as most of them had no access to online classes. She felt a great inner calling to gather with the local girls and provide them with classes in English, art, yoga, music, and dance of various styles. Tarini has lived in India for more than 20 years, and knows well the tragic social inequality women live with, especially in the poorest areas where the majority belong to the lowest castes and suffer intense discrimination from the rest of society.

Muslims also face such discrimination. She wanted to offer a safe place for the girls to learn, where they would not be judged by anyone, and where they could develop their talents and have fun. That’s how the Shakti School of Arts for Girls was born.


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