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Shakti School of Arts for Girls is located in Chandreswar Nagar, Rishikesh, near the town center, and has a beautiful view of the Ganges from the roof. Most of our students live in poor areas near the dry riverbed. Their families make a living by selling vegetables, working in repair shops, driving rickshaws or selling food they make. Many of the girls live with a large number of family members in a small, rented room, with an external bathroom that they share with 30 or more people in their area. It is our dream to help the girls break free from the cycle of poverty, develop their hidden talents and capabilities, and lead happy, successful lives.

Our school currently has 60 students divided in two groups of girls. The morning group is for the smaller girls, 3 to 9 years old, who are currently not attending a regular school. We work as a pre-school for those who still don’t know how to read and write, and focus on those subjects, and as a kindergarten for those who need to keep perfecting their ability to write both English and Hindi. We are also giving them introductory classes in math, science, computers, arts and yoga.

In the afternoon we work as an ‘after school program,’ where girls aged 9 to 14 study English as a primary subject, along with art, dance, music, yoga, and computers. English is an essential subject for self-empowerment in the modern world, so that is a strong focus in our school. Fluency in English will open doors of opportunity for these girls into higher education and well-paid jobs and help them to escape from the cycle of poverty.

Everything in the school is given for free. This includes books, notebooks, pens, art supplies, toys, games, sports equipment, and uniforms (including shoes). We also give the girls a nutritious meal each day. Since many of the girls are underweight, along with their meal they receive a glass of fresh milk combined with protein powder. This is important because some of the girls come from very poor families and are not getting much nourishment at home.

Another key factor for empowering the girls is helping them develop confidence in self-expression, which the Shakti School seeks to foster through all of the girls’ activities. They are encouraged to express themselves fully and without inhibition through their artwork, dance, and spoken presentations. An important corollary to courageous self-expression is helping them to find peace within themselves through the meditation that accompanies their practice of yoga.

The girls are making great strides in learning English and are also excelling in drawing, painting, and yoga. They have put on several excellent dance performances and art exhibitions which the local community has enjoyed.

Tarini wants to eventually include self-defence among the subjects of the school, as protection for the students in situations of abuse, which many girls in India have to face.

The school’s expenses run to about $1,500 a month, including rent for the building, electricity, teachers’ salaries, food and supplies.

We are actively seeking teachers, donors and partners to help sustain the school. Tarini’s dream is to sponsor our students all the way to higher education, and cheer them on to succe.


If you need any additional assistance with the donation, do not hesitate to contact us directly by whatsapp