The Shakti Family,
Our Co-Founders:

Varun Juneja

Varun Juneja has been an essential support to the Shakti School since its inception. A UK-educated economist from the Punjab, he has now dedicated his life to service of the poor in India. Founder of the Feeding Rishikesh project, along with Tarini Dagnino, he spearheaded the work of giving over 35,000 26-lb bags of basic foods to those in need during the Covid lockdowns, and initiated a kitchen that to this day gives free dinners each night to over 200 people. When Tarini started the Shakti School of Arts for Girls, Varun made great efforts to help locate the ideal building for the project. A masterful communicator and a man of great integrity, he continues to be an essential part of the Shakti School team.

Ram Das Batchelder

Ram Das Batchelder, an author of numerous books about spirituality, has been the head fundraiser for the Shakti School of Arts for Girls. His posts on social media have helped to put the work of the school in the public eye, and brought in many donations.


If you need any additional assistance with the donation, do not hesitate to contact us directly by whatsapp